Lindau living directly on lake constance

A favorable location in the border triangle, a harbor entrance worth seeing with a panoramic view of the Alps, historical flair: As a nature-loving and down-to-earth resident, you benefit even more from many of the things that make the city so attractive for tourists to Lake Constance. Real estate, however, is expensive and scarce.

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Great connectivity

The location between Germany Austria and Switzerland means not only short distances across the borders, but also convenient transport connections. The Allgäu Railway provides fast access to Munich and the Vorarlberg Railway to the Austrian cities of Bregenz, Dornbirn, Feldkirch and Bludenz. By 2020, as part of the Bahnhof 21 project, a through station is to be added to the main station so that a direct connection can be created from Munich to Zurich via Lindau. At the same time, modernize the line.

Restful nature

The large district town in Swabia owes its name, which means "island where linden trees grow," to its unique shape. The historic Old Town sits on an island in Lake Constance that originally consisted of three islands connected by fill in 1968. Nowadays, the linden tree is not only found on coats of arms and seals but you also encounter many trees of this type in the city. Those who feel like taking a breath of fresh sea air have the opportunity to take extensive walks across the harbor flanked by towers or along the lakeside promenade on the Aeschach shore.

Architecture steeped in history

Strolling through the city, one is reminded of the city's history through many lofty structures. The Mangturm, for example, is so named because in its vicinity there used to be a so-called Manghaus, where clothiers worked. Indirectly, you'll find a reference in there to the city's long association with the textile industry, which continues to this day through the hosiery manufacturer Kunert, for example. Also very worth seeing and popular with tourists is the Lindau harbor.

Heated real estate market due to euro crisis


It is well known that Bavaria is an expensive state by German standards. In Lindau, the average purchase price for a 60-square-foot condo ranges according to data from at 3102.59 euros, which is lower than the overall Bavarian average, which is almost 4000 euros. Making a move to the area affordable for high earners. However, if you are striving for house and garden, you have worse conditions. Because at the moment, you still have to compete strongly with solvent Swiss for the few available houses. After the franc strengthened against the euro at the beginning of the year, there were fears of a rush by investors to buy houses on the German side of Lake Constance, which would increase in value if the euro strengthened again. Since there is a lot of competence in Switzerland with portals like moneypark in real estate related areas such as the mortgage – comparison and the highly developed banking system is known worldwide, it is to be hoped that the interest will drop again when the euro has recovered further.

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