The U.S. Federal Reserve continues to be in no hurry on its expected rate hike. The Fed Open Market Committee reiterated after a two-day meeting on Wednesday that the normalization of monetary policy can be approached “patiently”. U.S. key interest rate to remain at record low of zero to 0.25 percent for now.

So far all signs point to a key interest rate increase in the summer in the USA. But the Fed is still keeping quiet. Low inflation, however, has raised doubts among experts.

The Great Council of the Roman Catholic Church in the Bern region is environmentally conscious. He followed a postulate of Franz X. Stadelmann*, St. Josef Köniz, granted, which calls for a sustainable strengthening of ecological action in construction, finance and pastoral support. A conversation with the postulant.

"pfarrblatt": Why are you committed to ecology??

You are looking for a loan to make your dream home a reality, but you are not yet very familiar with financing issues? Do not worry! We'll explain all the relevant basic terms step by step – in the following article, we'll take a closer look at loans.

What is a loan?

A loan is the lending of capital for financing purposes. The corresponding sum must be repaid within a contractually agreed period of time. The key point here is that the loan agreement only comes into effect when the respective amount has been paid out to the borrower.

homeowner's insurance-too-tax

Buying a new apartment or house is a significant financial outlay, so it is not surprising that young property owners want to save first after such an investment. Homeowners insurance is out of the question for many young homeowners. For some homeowners, insurance premiums are also getting too expensive. Therefore, in some cases it is also deselected. Is it so smart? Does not everyone need home insurance?

Best we can tell, there are 1.38 million homeless school children in the U.S. About one in 12 people live in New York City. A few years ago, readers of this newspaper met an 11-year-old Black girl with an unforgettable name: Dasani.

A budget is an important piece of a strong financial foundation. Having a budget helps you manage your money, control your spending, save more money, pay down your debt, or stay out of debt. Without an accurate picture of what comes and goes out of your bank account, you can easily rely on credit cards and loans to eat and pay your bills. If you already have one, take a good time updating it.

Download and print a budget worksheet. Using a worksheet will help you get started. You can use it to complete all of the following steps. You can also create your own budget worksheet using spreadsheet software or even paper a pencil.

Numerous banks and financial service providers have successfully implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in recent years. Yet in many of these projects, decision-makers merely realized quick wins. Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to find suitable processes for automation with RPA. The combination of RPA and artificial intelligence (AI) is their opportunity to successfully meet this challenge. RPA and AI then become Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

It's the combination of RPA and AI that is leading to end-to-end, intelligent automation of finance's many routine processes. RPA can be described as a type of software robot that mimics human actions, but requires precise instructions on where and what specialized data to extract from documents and emails. To achieve this, every RPA activity must be explicitly programmed or scripted.

How parents can help adult children buy a home

From generation to generation, parents have often helped their offspring buy a home and achieve the American dream. Finally, many millennials can use a hand in the current economic environment, which is characterized by a tough work environment and heaps of student loans. According to a recent study by loandDepot, 17% of parents with children between the ages of 18 and 35 want to buy a home in the next five years. That’s up more than 13% in the last five years. Buying a home for your adult child would be the ultimate gift, many families can’t afford it. But that doesn’t mean they can’t help their child buy a home. From picking up the down payment to co-signing the mortgage, here’s a look at five ways parents can’t help their kids realize the goal of homeownership. (Read more here: A quick guide to buying a home for your child .)


If you are looking for a partner or even just new friends, it may be wise to know some of the potential signs that a person is prone to drama. At certain stages of life, it can be especially important to surround yourself with people with whom you can easily form a relationship or friendship.

Building savings for the future: with this title, some may have thought to themselves: What else for? For the past? There is a model in which you take out a building savings contract now for a property you want to buy now. This is the topic of part 3 of this series. For now, however, let's talk about classic building savings for the future: I am taking out a contract now, and in a few years I would like to buy or build first.