Wurenlingen ag drunk driver lands in ditch

A 51-year-old woman's ride ended in a ditch yesterday. The car had to be recovered by a tow truck. No one was injured.

The journey of a 51-year-old woman ended yesterday in a ditch.On Tuesday, 07.A severe earthquake with a magnitude of 7.-Index, he sees gains made since the beginning of the year being lost and turning into losses.

The car had to be recovered by a tow truck.No one was injured.2023, 15.Short of 18.Stefan Wiemer director of the Swiss Seismological Service open person box close person box Stefan Wiemer is director of the Swiss Seismological Service and professor of seismology at the ETH Zurich.00 o'clock on 07.The driver of a passenger car was traveling in the direction of Urnerboden, when at the so-called.February 2023, a third person reported that a car was in the ditch next to the traffic circle.So far, investors assume that a recession will prompt U.S. monetary officials to cut interest rates again.

The driver had driven into the ditch after the traffic circle on Dottingerstrasse.A piece of ice broke through the windshield.This is broken over a fracture surface of more than 150 to 200 kilometers.She was able to get out of the car on her own.However, the white Ford had to be recovered by a towing company.She was taken to a family doctor.The 51-year-old from the region was not injured in the self-inflicted accident.The earth is broken into different earth plates.The vehicle suffered property damage of several thousand francs.There was property damage to the vehicle." Apabhai expects accelerated tightening of U.S. monetary policy to boost dollar.

Why the driver left the road, she could not explain plausibly on the spot.However, the lady's high breath alcohol level likely contributed to the incident.Strong earthquakes occur again and again at this border zone.The Aargau cantonal police reported the driver to the public prosecutor's office and temporarily withdrew her driver's license..

Linthal GL: Windscreen smashed through by ice chunks – one person injuredOn Tuesday, 07.02.2023, 15.30 o'clock, a traffic accident occurred on the Klausenstrasse in Linthal because of a break in the ice. The driver of a passenger car was traveling in the direction of the Urnerboden..

Earthquake Turkey-Syria – "An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 is a huge quake "The fact that strong earthquakes occur between Turkey and Syria is no coincidence, says Stefan Wiemer, Director of the Swiss Seismological Service. The affected need the help of all. Cold, thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of injured, tens of thousands of destroyed buildings – all in a few minutes. Hello SRF, sorry but your correspondent here can tell you so much about the situation in the earthquake area and how I know about the catastrophe in Denmark from Tsuri. The guy is sitting 1441 km away from the gscheh, just for info. Please like gsche.

Citi strategist: "I recommend selling further on an equity rally "Traders are ignoring the risk of an unexpectedly high rise in U.S. key interest rates, which could lead to a painful sell-off in bonds and equities, according to Citigroup.

Notes of a revolution (5): "Don't worship heroes!"The fact that the movement in Iran has no "leader" seems to be difficult to bear, especially abroad, writes solmazkhorsand

Economic Mirror recovers – Switzerland escapes recessionEconomic Mirror recovers: Switzerland escapes recession: The economy stagnates in the current quarter, but is expected to grow again thereafter.

Real Estate Switzerland – "The bursting of a price bubble is quite unlikely "Professor Peter Ilg heads the Swiss Real Estate Institute at HWZ Zurich. In the cash interview, he talks about real estate price trends, rent increases and whether to choose saron or fixed-rate mortgages.

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