Real estate industry and crypto market breezecoin as an innovative link

Blockchain is an innovation that ultimately no industry is likely to bypass. Its role in the financial services sector is now more important than ever and it is revolutionizing many areas.

This is also and especially true for the real estate industry, where people already know how to take advantage of blockchain technology. In real estate management, it is already providing useful services for managing and tracking data sets in many cases.

Cryptocurrencies such as Breezecoin lend themselves as a link between real estate and the financial world and also hold great potentials.

A growing international market
The real estate market is one of the great international growth industries of our time. As such, it naturally benefits particularly from the opportunities offered by blockchain technology. It means more accurate data and management, more efficient processes, protection against data theft and fraud, and smart contracts for the industry.
No wonder blockchain and crypto projects are scrambling to capture this promising market.

Breezecoin also wants to get in on the action

A specialized project that is particularly proactive in the real estate sector is Breezecoin (BRZE). A team led by Harald Kendzia with experience in the world of real estate, finance and blockchain technologies is working on this global investment project for real estate. The goal: to make cryptocurrency technology based on blockchain usable for the potentials of the real estate industry.
The company Breeze de Mar wants to use smart contracts, automate the transaction of real estate, minimize fraud opportunities and provide greater efficiency. The structural basis for this is the Etherum blockchain and the ERC20 token standard. Breezecoin – What is so special about it??

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Breeze de Mar from Orlando (USA) is firmly anchored in the construction and real estate sector. Breezecoin is expected to provide a settlement facility for projects of the company as a corporate subsidiary.
Unlike many similar projects, Breezecoin thus secures itself with an actual physical equivalent value and thus offers solid investment. The real estate underlies the Breeze token as a real asset and ties it to a real application.
Interested investors are offered impressive opportunities at Breeze de Mar. Example: If real estate is purchased on the Breezecoin market, it is possible to make a down payment of just 20% at a favorable interest rate.

Breezecoin wants to grow

At Breezecoin, they are looking for opportunities to expand. For this purpose, it uses attractive partnerships for stakeholders. These offer the exclusive right to secure any investment in the company's portfolio. In turn, Breezecoin receives a claim to 10% of the business process that partners use for investments as financial backing. Investors can benefit from this mutual protection of the partners, because for investments in the Breezecoin token this means maximum security.

An innovative investment model with future potential

Breezecoin is showing commitment and has so far been able to establish itself well as the market leader of this innovative, promising line of business. Many use cases have contributed to growth and increase in value. The dividend yield pays off for investors, they are having a good experience with Breezecoin and so the project continues to gain traction.
The lucrative business model offers token holders a right to monthly interest payments. Interest earned from mortgage securities goes to token holders according to a percentage holding distribution rate. So the reward for investing Breezecoin money and supporting the project can be a healthy passive income with a long-term perspective.

Looking to the future with global vision

Today, the real estate industry – like so many other industries – has to think globally. They know this at Breezecoin, too, and that's why they're looking to future investment opportunities to gain an even better foothold in the global marketplace. Currently, the company is on the lookout for tourist hotspots that offer investment potential. Hawaii, the Bahamas and Las Vegas are under discussion.
One thing is certain: the real estate market is growing and becoming more global – so the future outlook for Breezecoin and its investors is good.

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