Prof dr heiko hessenkemper (mdb) on the topics of plundering and politics

At the beginning, the member of the Bundestag reports on the presentation of a father at an event in Berlin. What happened? Speaker's son was beaten to death by illegal asylum seekers. The fight to convict the perpetrator is proving difficult. So far, the criminal is said not to have spent a single day in prison. On the contrary, his Syrian family was even brought to Germany as part of the family reunification to thank.

The university professor then goes into the state repression against a judge who is accused of "bending the law" because he takes a critical look at the Corona policy and comes to a different conclusion than the establishment would like to have. The consequence: cell phone confiscation, office and house search with the judge.

Another judge, on the other hand, is maliciously putting a single mother in dire straits by not only dismissing a lawsuit by her against the Corona measures, but ordering her to pay an exorbitant 18.EUR 000 in legal costs for this legal move. This judge, however, is not even suspected of bending the law… One problem in the German judicial system is that the public prosecutors' offices are bound by instructions.

Then Prof. Hessenkemper again the bow to the case of the killed man described above: The court in Saxonia-Anhalt did not see itself in the position, a video documenting the course of events, which was taken up by a monitoring camera, to play for the hearing. The State Security Service, on the other hand, "visited" the victim's father at work and told him to stop stirring up trouble. They are obviously trying to intimidate him and put him under professional pressure. In the German legal system, parliamentary control as well as personnel changes and exchanges are again necessary.

The member of the Bundestag also comes to talk about the CO2 tax in the video clip. In his view, the government has been clever here, exploiting all the mechanisms – namely social envy. Half of the CO2 tax must now simply be paid by the landlord. Hessenkemper doubts that this will encourage tenants to save money. Rather, the rulers are concerned with redistribution – you can call it eco-socialism. In this way, the government is simply avoiding a forced mortgage for homeowners, which might have led to protests, for the time being. One chooses the indirect – the creeping – variant. Because CO2 pricing is adjustable and can be ramped up by the government every year – so eco-socialism goes through the back door!

Prof. Hessenkemper states: The things that once made the country great (willingness to perform, diligence, thriftiness) are thus being destroyed. The looting is happening for the rest of the world. A German leading medium recently carried the statement of an "economic expert" who demanded that Germans work more and forego vacations. With regard to the asparagus season last year, the legitimate question arose: Why were our uninvited guests not brought in during the harvest?? The Refugee Council still strayed into saying that it would be indecent to demand that migrants go to work. Hessenkemper notes ironically: The Germans can work until they drop dead – this will even defuse the pension system..

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