Mortgage bank headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia Prosperity Home Mortgagea subsidiary of HomeServices of Amerikabepromoted Justin Messer to the 1. January 2023 to the President and CEO. Messer succeeds Tim Wilson, who has held the position since 2014.

Messer, who was Prosperity's COO for more than three years, will be responsible for leading the lender into its "next phase of growth and performance," he said in a statement Wednesday.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage insurance protects lenders from defaulting on loans. A default occurs when a home buyer cannot repay a home loan. The FHA is a U.S. government agency responsible for insuring mortgage loans. FHA mortgage insurance encourages lenders to lend to low- and moderate-income homebuyers because it reduces a lender's risk of losing money.

If a homebuyer is low- or moderate-income, they may be able to get an FHA home loan. A home buyer can also refinance an existing mortgage with an FHA loan. FHA does not actually forgive the loan. Instead, a private lender makes the loan and requires the homebuyer to purchase FHA mortgage insurance to qualify for the loan. In other words, if a home buyer wants a home loan, he or she must pay for FHA mortgage insurance.

Issuers of green bonds are much more likely to adhere to the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C or 2°C scenario than issuers of non-green bonds. (Image:

Green bonds finance projects critical to decarbonizing business and society. They can have a positive effect on the long-term behavior of companies. According to NN Investment Partners, engagement must be an active part of the green bond investment process.

In everyday business life in Austria, it is often the case that you have to cancel invoices or correct them retrospectively; the reasons for this are of a complex nature. In this context, ambiguities and irritations sometimes arise due to misinterpreted formal requirements regarding invoice correction as well as explicit regulations regarding cancellation invoices and credit notes. In principle, you can correct errors in the original invoice by means of an invoice correction. You must keep in mind: If the first invoice has already been entered in the accounts, you must assign a self-sufficient invoice number to the corresponding invoice correction. Only if the original invoice has not yet been processed in accounting, the existing invoice number can still be used.

Issuing credit notes generates sustainable benefits

Janet Yellen Vs. Alan Greenspan: Who's the better Fed head?

Current Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, now occupying her second year, will hold an important place in history no matter what happens during her tenure, as she is the first woman to lead the U.S. central banking system. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has an important place in history because of his 19-year tenure and his impact on the economy through Black Monday, the boom and bust of the 1980s, the savings and loan crisis, the largest economic boom in U.S. history. And the subsequent dot-com collapse. Let's take a closer look at some similarities and differences between these two major figures in U.S. economic history.

With the number of stories you read about people retiring in Ecuador or France – and the list of best cities to retire – you might think that moving to retirement is the most popular thing to do. In fact, while it seems to be something that many of us fantasize about, almost no one goes through with it.

Only 5% of seniors migrated in 2014, according to U.S. Census data. Among seniors who moved in 2014, the Brookings Institution found that less than 1% switched states, with Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, Texas and North Carolina being the most popular.

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The time has finally come: You want to take the next big step and buy a house! Now you should not act in haste. What is important in terms of financing plan and personal requirements for the house? What preparations you should make? Here you can find out!

Mortgage applications fell in the week ending 13. August declined 3.9% from the previous week and fewer borrowers opted to refinance, according to the latest Mortgage Bankers Association report.

Yields on ten-year government bonds rose overall at the end of last week, however, slightly weakened, and the 30-year mortgage rates covered by the MBA reached 3.06. This deterred some borrowers from refinancing and contributed to a general slowdown in mortgage applications.

Often underestimated is a comparison between health insurance companies and the health insurance offered. Who deals with it, can usually benefit from many additions and save money at the same time.

The most important in a nutshell

  • In Germany, health insurance is compulsory
  • There are statutory and private health insurance.
  • With the legal health insurance the achievements do not differ so strongly as with the private health insurance.

Which tasks has a health insurance?

A health insurance company assumes the role of the insurer in health insurance, as in other types of insurance. By paying a monthly premium, you insure yourself against certain contingencies and are (at least partially) relieved financially for some treatments at the doctor's office.