Many of us know that diet and consumption patterns have an impact on climate. That's why some are now giving up meat and no longer chasing every fashion trend. But what about home? Does the way you live have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions and therefore the environment??

Claim: Housing influences the ecological footprint.

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Ribbon partners with Coldwell Banker Heritage to launch in Ohio

Ohio is the sixth new state the New York-based power buyer has added this year, giving it a presence in 13 states.

Ran Neuner, CEO of OnChain Capital and host of CNBC Africa's Crypto Trader , today announced a $10 million emergency fund to help businesses struggling with the economic impact of the coronavirus – and to benefit businesses that can profit from the pandemic.

Neuner runs the "Runway Fund" with Yossi Hasson, the other co-founder of New York-based crypto fund OnChain Capital.

Who fulfills itself the dream of the own real estate, needs almost always a financing, must thus to the bank. Therefore applies: A good planning in the apron is the A and O, in order to prevent that one takes over oneself financially. Because, as with any financing, dangers can also lurk in a construction loan. "On the one hand, this can mean trusting the wrong loan broker or not paying proper attention to the conditions and thus taking out a construction loan that is far too expensive," warns Florian Haas from the Schutzgemeinschaft für Baufinanzierende e.V. This organization checks the construction financing of its member companies and builders for feasibility and quality. A certificate then confirms the quality and reliability of the tested construction loans. So Haas knows what he's talking about when he advises future builders or property owners to look carefully at their financing, for example when it comes to the interest rate on their loan.

A calculator for the borrowing rate provides planning certainty

What is the fixed debit interest rate?

If you are financing a house purchase or construction, you should know that high debit interest rates at the beginning of an annuity loan lead to a higher increase in the repayment amount over time, as is the case with loans with a lower interest rate. Loans with low interest rates have, in contrast to loans with higher interest rates, a lower repayment and a lower interest portion.

Online calculation of the borrowing rate

A fixed interest rate calculator can help you make the right choice of the right fixed interest rate period for your construction financing. First ask yourself how long you want to secure an interest rate, for just a few years or longer? The online calculator allows you to compare the interest rates different interest rate lock-ins and at what interest rate you have to extend a financing with shorter debit interest rate lock-ins.

What happens to your money in a recession?

During a recession, there are some financial factors to be aware of:

Shenzhen, China (Image: Unsplash)

Recent adjustments in Chinese regulation allow foreign investors to invest directly in A-shares. Inefficiencies in the market and access to new sectors are the most attractive arguments for Stephen Kam of Schroders.