Midterm elections in the us threaten the us democracy?

In many places in the USA, so-called "election deniers" are up for election. If they were elected, it could be dangerous.

In many places in the USA, so-called "Election Deniers" are standing for election. If they were elected, experts say it could be dangerous for U.S. democracy.

In the USA, so-called "election deniers" are on the ballot in many places. If they were elected, this could be dangerous.

U.S. democracy is in danger, threatened by former President Donald Trump and his supporters, they say.10 things you have to experience in the destination Leukerbad! Sorry folks, but today we have to talk about the Federalist Society.the legendary Burning Man festival in the USA cancelled the last two years.Credit Suisse Super League.

This is what U.S. President Joe Biden said in a recent speech.In each state, Trump's supporters are working to undermine democracy, he said.This must change.In fact, in many places, so-called "election deniers" are on the ballot: Republican candidates who claim, without evidence, that Trump only lost his 2020 election because the other party cheated.August to 5.So far, there is no conclusive evidence of electoral fraud.But as always, first things first.Trump had made denying the 2020 election a core element of what it means to be a loyal Republican.

Author: Rick Hasen Expert on election law Trump is not out of the picture – and Trumpism and election lies have become even more powerful since 2020, he said.Appointed by Donald Trump: Judge Aileen Cannon.Then perseverance was needed! For the departure became a test of patience for the vast majority of visitors.Here's what Rick Hasen, an expert on election law at the University of California, says."Trump has made denying the 2020 election a core element of what it means to be a loyal Republican," Hasen said.According to the majority of legal experts, this ruling is a scandal.06:53 Video From the archive: Will Trump run for US president again?? From 10 to 10 from 26.07.Weissmann was a lead prosecutor in the Enron trial and a member of special prosecutor Robert Mueller's team.

2022.play.Even William Barr, the former attorney general, condemns Cannon's judgment.Running time 6 minutes 53 seconds.If the "election deniers" prevail in the midterm elections in two months, they will soon occupy key positions in key states.Without going into the gory legal details, the ruling can be understood with a comparison as follows: Imagine someone robbing a bank and hiding a bag with a million dollars in a hotel room.Experts warn that this is particularly dangerous for democracy in view of the next presidential election in 2024.

How "election deniers" could threaten democracy Open box Close box A presidential election in the U.S. is held nationwide, but it is organized by individual states – under their own election laws.Police search hotel room and find the bag.It's no coincidence that Donald Trump put pressure on Secretaries of State, House members or governors – they sit at key levers of democracy.In 2020, they didn't cave in to pressure – refusing, for example, to raise thousands of votes for Trump out of thin air.The judge agrees with him.In 2024, things could be different: It's conceivable that those candidates who are supported by Trump and go along with his fairy tale of a stolen election will cave in to an attempt to pressure them – which could throw the presidential election into chaos, says Tammy Patrick.She used to be a high ranking election official in Arizona.But how is it possible for such an absurd ruling to be made in the first place? That's where the Federalist Society comes in.

Election Deniers are on the ballot in many places.Even in contested states, such as Arizona, Michigan or Pennsylvania, where Joe Biden won the presidential election by only a razor-thin margin.The Federalist Society was founded in the 1980s by one Michael Horowitz, a jurist backed by the arch-conservative Richard Mellon Scaife Foundation.In addition to Republican Mark Finchem, Keri Lake is also running in the Arizona congressional elections – the Republican wants to become governor, i.e. head of government.Both spread the fairy tale of the stolen election.Kurt Andersen paraphrases the purpose of the Federal Society in his book Evil Genius as follows: "In addition to organizing camps and other social events, the idea of the society was to create a network of like-minded future lawyers and judges among law students, a high-powered legal mafia, so to speak.An example: Mark Fichem Open box Close box "We know it and they know it: Donald Trump has won.

" Mark Finchem shouted this to a crowd of Trump supporters on the.A central figure of the Federalist Society later became Robert Bork, a conservative jurist whose influence cannot be overestimated to this day.Finchem, a Republican, is far to the right.In the state of Arizona, he is the Republican nominee for Secretary of State, a kind of interior secretary.Bork got his revenge by becoming the most important legal thinker of the neoliberals, a Milton Friedman of jurisprudence so to speak.He and many others won the intra-party primary despite – or because of – claims of massive voter fraud in 2020.This is extremely troubling, Hasen says.Bork was also a representative of the originalists, those jurists who insist on a literal interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and do not allow any change to this soon-to-be 250-year-old writing.

Secretaries of State are in many cases the highest election officials, responsible for making sure elections are run cleanly, that votes are counted correctly.That figures like Mark Finchem, of all people, may soon be taking over those duties is a danger, Hasen said.Early in his term, Donald Trump had this society give him a list of names of possible Supreme Court nominees."Even if the Election Deniers do their job correctly, they will not be trusted on the left." This, he said, is leading to a growing loss of trust on all sides.All of his chief justice appointees – Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett – belong to the Federalist Society, as do the other conservative Supreme Court appointees.Democracies, however, rely on nationals trusting election results, he says.

"I never thought the U.S. would ever be in this precarious situation," says Hasen."Of the 179 judges on national appellate courts, 30 percent have been appointed since 2017, and 80 percent of those Trump judges are either members or sympathizers of the Federalist Society," Andersen notes.So soon, then, Arizona may have two election deniers in high office – and the state legislature is also likely to remain under Republican control."The safeguards of democracy would be almost completely erased – only the courts remain," says Tammy Patrick, who also works to preserve democracy at the Democracy Fund foundation.Image: keystone The consequences are devastating, as the case in Florida shows: a conservative judge appointed by Trump makes a scandalous ruling.End of U.S. democracy?That the next election will be decided there is quite possible, Patrick said.It urges people to go vote this November while they still have power.Court of Appeals, which is also majority dominated by judges who belong to the Federalist Society.

"Because if these candidates get elected and they act in office like they talk in the campaign, it's going to lead the U.S. into an unprecedented situation," Patrick continued.Or, to put it another way, the Election Deniers should be soundly defeated at the ballot box this November.Thus, the FBI could theoretically use up to the St.After that it might be too late for the US democracy..There is no escape from this vicious circle? But there is hope.

'This is extremely dangerous for our democracy' Rinse and repeat 24/7 Anyone who still thinks Biden got a legitimate 81 million votes is beyond help. Danger for democracy means actually danger for the oligarchy standing above the law. In this sense, not a danger, but a necessity.

Which would be based.

Trump's judges – or the most powerful club in the U.S.-The scandalous ruling by a Florida judge is no accident. Behind it is the Federalist Society, an influential association of conservative lawyers. What's next from Watson ? Reptoloids already live among us ?

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