Real estate industry and management important industry with (so far) few skilled personnel

The focus of this course is real estate. Graduates are experts in all matters concerning buildings and commercial spaces in their various phases of existence. The focus in later careers can be on marketing, administration, financing and disposal.

If the location and amenities are right, real estate is a desirable commodity. The*real estate broker*prepares the important data in a synopsis for the*client. In order to present all the information transparently, he*s taking pictures of the object, researching the local prices and looking at the municipal plans. For this activity, the brokerage company receives a commission from the sale or rental price.

Besides real estate management, which focuses on the care of the property (management, maintenance and cleaning), this is the best known activity of a*real estate manager.

The duties for a real estate professional are many and varied

In addition, however, there are many other tasks that have led to the industry experiencing a surge in professionalism in recent years. Real estate professionals are needed in the area of financing in mortgage banks, building societies and in real estate funds. When it comes to questions of planning and approval of building projects, municipalities, city planners and architects are also interested in well-trained graduates.

Last but not least, the area of disposal also plays a role. Companies that specialize in demolition or recycling of construction materials are also potential employers*.

A study covers the relevant issues

In order to do justice to this colorful spectrum of fields of activity, a degree in real estate management combines content from civil engineering, architecture and economics. Basic knowledge of relevant legal issues also comes into play.

Required courses include civil engineering (structural concepts, construction materials, construction methods, building physics, maintenance and remediation, remediation of contaminated sites, and land use regulation), finance and economics (introduction to economics, business administration, accounting/accounting, investment and finance, business administration for construction companies, and land and valuation), and law (legal systems, civil public works law, tax law, and insurance).

Young professionals are expected to have a solid education, which they can acquire at a university, university of applied sciences or university of cooperative education, depending on their own interests. The career prospects for graduates of the Real Estate Economics and Management program can be described as good.

Tourism: Working where others go on vacation

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